Avoid the Blind Inspector

Was Your Last Home Inspector Blind?

Learn Eight Things You Must Know To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Home Inspector

1-Hire An Home Inspector With Lots of Experience:

It takes a full-time Home Inspector thousands of inspections to develop the eyes, ears and touch for hunting down not problems but also solutions. Part-time inspectors simply do not have the time in the field to develop that the knowledge. Be sure and ask how many inspections he/she performs a year and for how many years. An expert Home Inspector does at least 400 inspections a year! Performing at least 400 inspections each and every year requires extensive referrals by prior clients, attorney’s, mortgage brokers, real estate agents etc.  – so there is a peace of mind the inspector is Not Blind.

  • New York Inspect Home Inspections conducts 600-750 inspections annually and has done so for over 20 years

2-The Company That Offers The Cheapest Price is NOT The Company You Should Hire:

The company that has the cheapest price is showing you (1) they are new or part-time and (2) they really do not know their cost of doing business (they will not be in business for too long). If you want a completely thorough Home Inspection of what most likely will be the largest purchase of your life, you will most certainly want an experienced Home Inspection Company by your side every step of the way. Hiring a Home Inspection Company that has been performing home inspections for more than 20 years and understands that they are working for you and no one else is the most important decision you can make. Making sure that you, the buyer, understands the condition of your new property, both the good and not so good is our number one priority.

  • Home inspectors that charge less, know less, and do less and therefore being unsure of themselves either miss large items or mistake small items for large ones. They typically do not carry the Infrared camera necessary to complete a thorough inspection. They usually will not carry the proper industry related insurances.
  • New York Inspect inputs all findings into a smart phone at the very moment they are
    observing the condition. This eliminates errors and omissions. We always provide an on-site review of our
    findings with you and make sure that you understand all aspects of the property. The final report, which
    includes color ?photos is emailed to you as a PDF file within 24 hours (usually less) of the? inspection.

3-Education & Training:

A contractor and a Professional Home Inspector could not be more different. Home Inspectors are trained to evaluate all the systems and components of the home—not just one or two areas like the foundation or framing.  To be able to provide a proper evaluation of all the building systems and components takes extensive education and continues training.

  • New York Inspect’ inspectors have attended top home inspection schools in the country, infrared certified, moisture analysts, level one and level two eifs inspectors licensed and termite inspectors


  • NYS Licensed Home Inspectors #16000008274
  • SIRI Level 1 Certified Thermographer For Infrared Inspections (The University of Mississippi)
  • EIFS Inspectors Certified by The Exterior Design Institute Level 1 & Level 2 ( EDI)
  • Moisture Analyst Certified by The Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • Building Envelope Analyst Certified by The Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • NYS Licensed Termite Inspectors #C1808242
  • NYS Licensed Commercial Pest Applicator Categories 7A & 7C #C1808242
  • Home Energy Tune-Up Certified
  • NYS Certified Radon Inspectors
  • Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer

5-Advanced Technology

Buying a home is such a large investment, why would you want an ordinary inspection? Some home inspectors think they are high tech if they have flashlight and a moisture meter, much less having a thermal Imaging camera. There is no reason to wonder if you’re getting the best inspection if the inspector is using the most cutting-edge technologies — such as Infrared Thermographic Scanning, New technology such as these can uncover “hidden” signs of leaks and potential issues that will likely go undetected in an “ordinary” inspection.

6-The Inspection Report

The top home inspectors, in today’s business, do not produce hand-written reports. A professional inspector will provide a comprehensive report using software written specifically for home inspections. These reports usually contain information that does not pertain directly to the property inspected. You want your report to be in plain English, not “Technical-Jargon” that only home inspectors can understand. Dov Herman of New York Inspect has spent the last ten years perfecting the software utilized by New York Inspect? . Click back into our web-site (www.newyorkinspect.com) and take a few moments to? review our sample reports (scroll to the bottom of the home page). Our reports are detailed and yet easy to? navigate. All of our reports include photos and maintenance recommendations.

7-How Long Has The Inspection Company Been In Business

Is the inspection company locally owned .How long has the company been in business? Does the inspection company owner also perform Home Inspections? Does the Company have a live person to call other than the inspector? Will you be able to reach your inspector for any follow-up questions after your Home Inspection?

  • New York Inspect is locally owned and operated. Dov Herman founded the company in 1995 and has brought on other inspectors over the years to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Our company is dedicated, friendly and responsive. We fully understand the demands of “The Real Estate Transaction” and how sensitive time can be.

8-Ask To See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspector

Real Professional Home Inspectors always request feedback from their clients. Professional Inspectors want to know what they are doing right and what can be improved, because you can’t improve what you don’t know. If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client referrals, he might be blind in more ways than you know!

  • New York Inspects clients gladly provide their feedback reviews and we are happy to share their feedback with you. Take a look at what our clients are saying newyorkinspect.com/our-reviews

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