Why should you choose New York Inspect? So you don't get stuck with a bunch of unpleasant surprises once you move into the home. We provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the property being inspected. We do this in a clear, concise and professional manner. We electronically deliver our home inspection reports by the end of the day of the inspection. We offer inspections Sunday through Friday. We like for you to come to the inspection and be with us as we inspect the property. We are your trusted New York City inspector serving New York and the 5 Boroughs/

Your New York City Home Inspection Services

Dov Herman is the owner of New York Inspect. He is a second generation home inspector firm serving New York City and the 5 Boroughs

Dov Herman Owner

New York Inspect helps families have a little less stress during the home buying process so they can move in and enjoy a healthy, safe home.As the owner of the company, let me start off by making you a BIG PromiseIf we inspect your home or condo and you are not 100% satisfied with our inspection – you pay absolutely nothing for the inspection.

After more than a decade in the Home Inspection Business, I’ve seen many fly-by-night Home inspectors come and go. I feel sorry for the home buyers that are victimized by these unscrupulous operators.

I’m so confident in our inspections that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. You see, I understand this is an important step in your life. This Guarantee is just one more way to demonstrate my desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. Also, I want to ensure you have an enjoyable real estate experience.

So at New York Inspect, I offer a simple, no weasel words Guarantee. Attend your home inspection, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the “Quality” of the home inspection service, tell the inspector before receiving your report and we’ll either make it right, or you don’t pay the home inspection fee!

How Can We Guarantee A Inspection?

It’s easy. We find more defects than our competition. The end result is that you save more money. Most contracts allow negotiations with the seller to make repairs or give you credit at closing. So the more defects we find, the more money you save.

We don’t rush. This allows us time to do a thorough inspection of your new home or condo. This also means we may charge a little more than most of our competitors.

You don’t want a cheap inspection. A cheap inspection may be the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, it may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects.

Cheap home inspectors often know less and do less, which is one reason why they’re cheap.

Want A More Comprehensive Home Inspection?

Then Select New York Inspect Because We Use Infrared Camera Technology!

By using infrared camera technology, we can see the world and your prospective home in ‘infrared’ with no need for destructive or intrusive exploration. This infrared inspection can identify hidden problems in the home by identifying temperature differences along the finished surface of the walls and ceilings.

WE CAN PINPOINT AND LOCATE WITH ACCURACY: structural defects, roof leaks, high humidity/mold, missing insulation, heat loss, plumbing issues and much more!

Home Inspections thermal imaging Images by New York InspectHome Inspections thermal Images of the circuit breaker and missing insulation by New York InspectHome Inspection thermal Images showing residential heat loss and loose HVAC junction box by New York Inspect

For a home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction. An infrared inspection may help prevent problems in the future by identifying issues that, if left unchecked, could develop into expensive problems.

Infrared Thermal Imaging allows New York Inspect to do more to protect your health, safety, and financial well being

You can schedule your inspectino with New York Inspect online 24/7 right from our websiteNew York Inspect provides peace of mind to their clients by doing a thorough inspection of the home.Our Certified Home Inspectors will spend the time to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the property you are purchasing, from the roof to the foundation and all areas in between…New York Inspect helps to make a Happy Family by providing a thorough and complete home inspection

We want you to come along with us during the course of the inspection. Okay, if you’re a seasoned home buyer it may not be as important that you’re there the entire time.

However, if you’re new to the home buying process, it’s very important that you’re there from start to finish. We’ll not only inspect the house you’re buying, but we’ll share with you what needs to be maintained and why. You’ll get a real education about your new home.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in terms you can understand. We are a “Jargon Free” Company!

We know your schedule is very hectic so we work hard to accommodate you! Because not everyone can attend the inspection during the day or week, we offer Sunday inspections.

Please know that our Sunday schedule is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. So please call now to let one of our schedulers know as soon as possible if you need a Sunday inspection. We’ll do our best to accommodate you!

If you find yourself needing to schedule an inspection after we're closed, you can schedule 24/7 online at our website www.newyorkinspect.com/schedule

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am a licensed real estate agent active in Brooklyn and Manhattan and have been for the past 6 years; I have been on numerous home inspections. There are really only two or three home inspectors that I keep seeing over and over again. Every time my buyers take my recommendation to use Dov it’s a relief. Dov Herman of NY Inspect is by far and away the best. Hands down. Out of the buyers that have followed my advice to hire Dov for their inspection (approx. 10) ALL of them are still happy with their property and his services.


The inspector began with a drone to inspect the roof of the home in east meadow i’m buying, After the roof he used infrared to inspect the interior and took notes on his smartphone. Im very pleased and will recommend.


Dov was our inspector and we were very impressed with his work. Not only was he extremely thorough but he took the time to explain his findings to us throughout the inspection and summarized the findings for the homeowner at the end of the inspection which we found very helpful. He was very prompt with providing the report and differentiated between the severity of the issues and what was an immediate problem versus what would be a problem down the line. In addition, in a previous house the Dov inspected for us he was able to find a problem with the roof that could have been very easily missed (and was missed by other inspectors), and after we did more research we found it would have costed at least $10,000 to fix and the homeowners were not forthcoming with that knowledge. We would very highly recommend New York Inspect to anybody looking to purchase a house. You will be in the best of hands!


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