Home Inspection Services for Home Buyers

Home Inspection Services Brooklyn

While undertaking the duties a Home Inspector is responsible for, we will completely tell you the physical condition of the home. New York inspect will ensure that this is the best deal you can make and is surely worth your investment. It may appear that in the beginning a home may appear to be in great and perfect condition. However, it may contain certain defects that could be financially devastating if not identified at an early stage. As a homebuyer, it is beyond your wants and needs to financially and emotionally strain yourself with bad choices. These bad choices include not having the home inspected by a professional before making the purchase. It is very recommended that home buyers should have their prospective homes thoroughly inspected before signing any binding contract with the seller. With that in mind, the home inspection team behind New York Inspect that is qualified and experienced are always at the ready. They can offer you premier inspection services with utmost professionalism, efficiency and client satisfaction. Our experts behind New York Inspect will walk you through the home.

They will point out to you any problem or potential problem and present you with a written report of the inspection. In carrying out our duties, we are under contract and regulations not to cause any damage to the home. This is understood that we would be liable for any damage from our part. However, if the owner agrees in writing for an all-encompassing inspection then we can do what is needed to be done for the overall House inspection. Other than that, we have the skills to look for signs of any problem and offer recommendations to the specific experts.

Home Inspection Services for Sellers and Real Estate Professionals

Home Inspection Services Brooklyn

Having been in this business for many years, Dov Herman, The Home Inspector behind New York inspect fully understands what experts, sellers, and real estate professionals like and do not like about home inspection firms and the services offered. He then uses this first-hand feedback to ensure that he offers the most efficient and trusted services for the professionals, and also with regard to sellers. In this manner, New York Inspect’s unique services within this spectrum include the inspection of mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural systems. Other additional services may include; pest testing, mold testing, water assessments, radon testing, home air-quality evaluation, septic inspections, neighborhood environmental reports, energy audits and lead testing, all in one inspection trip.

Home Inspection Services for Home Owners

Being one of the most important and rewarding investments, homeowners realize the need to ensure that their homes are well maintained and are properly functioning. This is at the backdrop of many home problems. These home problems are such that they go for way too long without being inspected or checked. This then can be very costly to repair and may also cause serious safety problems. The professional services belonging to New York Inspect under this continuum are therefore tailored to ensure the greatest peace of mind to every homeowner.