Heating & Cooling Inspection

Home Inspection Services manhattan

A Quality Heating & Cooling Inspection Will Include A Visual Inspection Of:

  • Furnace
  • Air Conditioning
  • Duct Work
  • Filtration
  • Condensing Unit

Foundation Inspection

The inspector looks for signs of settling, cracks or other inconsistencies within the foundation. Also any vegetation on the exterior that could be causing disturbances or cracks of the foundation would be notated.


Plumbing Inspection

Home Inspection Services manhattan

Infra Red Check for Plumbing Leaks: This condition can damage and is a significant cause of mold and damage in the amount of thousands of dollars.


Roofing Inspection

Flashings: Inspect all flashings in the roof system
Roof Accessories: Inspect all pipe collars, storm collars, air vents, power fans and accessories
Damage Check: Check for any damage to the roof deck on the exterior AND interior surfaces
Spot Check: Complete spot checks across the roof system for straight lines, appropriate fasteners, layers of existing roof
Gutters: Inspect gutter system to insure adequate drainage
Attic Inspection: Complete attic inspection for moisture, mold, mildew and adequate ventilation


Electrical Inspection

Home Inspection Services Manhattan

Infra Red Check for Electrical Panel Overheating: This condition can cause damage to sensitive electrical equipment. Electrical Panel Overheating can also overheat electrical wiring and is a significant cause of residential fires

Infra Red Check For Thermal Breaker Scan: This allows the Home Inspector the ability to identify poor breaker contact and overheating. This can cause a potential fire hazard. The inspector will utilize an objective thermal sensing unit.